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Rules & Regulations of the Membership:

Membership: The membership of the society is open to any person / Individual / NGO, Corporate any govt. or private organization / Institutions, world organization, state and central govt, those have attained the age of majority and has interest in the development of the society and abides by terms and conditions of the society without discrimination of the religion, caste, creed or colors, but subject to the approval of the governing body.

Refusal: The governing body of the society may refuse any person for the membership provided reasons for refusal shall be communicated to the person concerned in the writing with reason.

Termination: The governing body or president of the society may terminate any member from the society and any office bearer from the governing body of the society on the following grounds.

  • On his / her death
  • If member find guilty in any criminal case or his / her behaviors is not good with society and with the member of green society of India.
  • If the members fail to pay subscription for three successive years from the due date of paying subscription.
  • If the member of the society works against the aims and objects of the society.
  • If the membership of the society tender his / her resignation to the society.
  • If the member fails to attend three successive meetings of the general body without intimation in writing.

Return/Refund Policy: There is no return or refunds for membership and donations.